Pilates for tennis 40+ mins

Pilates for tennis

Flexibility and strengthening workout ideal for tennis players and those looking to build strength, balance and flexibility through the back and legs.

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Length: 41 minutes

Pilates can be a great way for tennis players to reduce the risk of injury and improve their movement biomechanics.

This is a mat based class designed with tennis players in mind, working on the flexibility and strength required for the game. However, this class can be enjoyed by anyone looking to improve strength and flexibility of the body, particularly focusing on the spine.

The class is suitable for most levels but it is always important to work to a level that you feel comfortable with. This class includes:

We start the class in standing with some chest openings and stretch the spine with a side stretch. We also warm up out legs with some squats in standing.

Rolling down onto the mat we start with a downward dog and then continue fro here into four point kneeling to open out through the spine further with a cat stretch and threading the needle movements. We also work on strengthening in this position with swimming and leg pull in prone exercises.

On our sides we work our obliques with a side bend, adding in some rotation movement too which is important in tennis. We also strengthen our glutes on our sides with a clam exercise. Moving around onto our backs we continue to strength our core and mobile the spine with a bridge exercises as well as kicking in our obliques again with a criss-cross exercise.

We finish the class in sitting with some wrist stretching exercises and gentle spine stretches.

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