Core, pelvic floor and upper body Pilates workout Half hour Pilates classes

Core, pelvic floor and upper body workout

Core focused Pilates class suitable for multiple levels

This class is a 25 minute workout focusing on engaging our pelvic floor and deep abdominal core muscles as well as the control and stability of our upper bodies.

The class begins in standing as we warm up through our legs and upper body. Rolling down into four point kneeling we then work on our upper body stability and abdominals with leg pull in prone exercise.

Moving around onto our backs on to the mat we practice our ‘move of the month’ – the one leg stretch exercise as well as challenge our upper body control with some arm scissors before finishing the class with some leg stretches.

PLEASE NOTE – this class is part of a related series, specifically looking to work on improving the body’s lumbo-pelvic control through the one leg stretch exercise.

The class can be enjoyed by itself or as part of the series. This is class four of four of the series. Other classes in the series include:

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