Side kick series

Pelvic control and glute strength

Improving pelvic control and glute strength through a focus on the side kick movement. 

Pilates-exercise-the side kick

Class 1 – Full body Pilates class incorporating side kick

  • Difficulty: Tough
  • Length: 47 minutes

In standing we warm up with some upper body rotation movement and chest openings as well as challenging our balance. We also engage our posterior muscle sling in standing with some hip extension movement as well. Mobilising our spines with some roll down movements before continuing the class down on our backs.

On our backs we start by working on our lumbo-pelvic control and lower abdominal muscle strength with our scissors movement. Moving onto some more hip control movement with a one leg circle exercise. We continue to work on engaging our core and lengthening the body on our backs with movements such as an opposite arm and leg stretch.

Moving around onto our sides we work on our glute strength and core stability with the side kick movement before cooling down with some stretches.

Class 2 – Mat work Pilates class incorporating side kick

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Length: 30 minutes

This class begins in sitting, warming up our upper body with arm opening movements to rotate through your upper spine and open out through the chest.

We then begin some more challenging movements in four point kneeling. Here we work our core and abdominals with a leg pull in prone movement, adding in some leg lifts to fire up our glute muscles as well.  On our sides we work on our glute muscle strength with a clam exercise before launching into a side kick .

On our backs we mobilise our spine and engage our glute muscles with a bridging movement combining in some hip twist movements to challenge the muscle control around the pelvis.

We then cool down by stretching out our spines and legs on the mat.

Class 3 – Full body Pilates workout with stretches

  • Difficulty: Tough
  • Length: 52 minutes

This class begins by warming up our legs in standing with some heel raises and lunges. We also stretch and warm up through our spines with a side plank movement and some upper body stretches. We then mobilise our spines with some roll downs before coming down onto the mat to continue the class.

Once down on the mat we challenge our core control and coordination with a double leg stretch movement. We also work on our obliques with a criss-cross movement and our lower abdominals with a scissors exercise.

Then, on our sides, we move onto the side kick movement, which challenges our core control and glute muscle strength before finishing in sitting with some gentle leg and upper body stretches.

Class 4 – Full length core and pelvic floor

  • Difficulty: Tough
  • Length: 59 minutes

Class begins by warming up in standing, setting our neutral spine and posture. We then work on some balance and control by adding in some coordination with leg and arm movements.

Moving down onto the mat and onto our backs we challenge our core control further with a one leg stretch exercise. We also work on some lumbo-pelvic stability and hip control with exercises including a hip twist and scissors movements.

Then, in four-point kneeling, we stretch through our mid back with a ‘threading the needle’ exercise before working on our core stability further with a swimming exercise. Then onto our sides we fire up and strengthen our glute muscles with clam and side kick exercises.

Lastly we cool down by stretching out our legs and rolling our spines back up into standing.

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