Core and abdominal Pilates series

5 class progressive core and abs series

Build strength and stability through with this progressive core and abs Pilates series.

Class 1 – Core and stretches

  • Difficulty: Easier
  • Length: 16 minutes
Stretch focused class with short sets of core and abdominal exercises

Included in this class:

This class begins in sitting with some gentle stretches to warm up our backs and upper bodies before we then move down onto our backs.

On our backs we move our pelvis into neutral position and work through a short series of bridging and one leg stretch movements. Make sure you work to the level that suits you.

After this short series we stretch out with some gentle knee hugs before starting our next set of exercises – the criss cross and scissors movements which target our lower abdominals. We then stretch out again with some lumbar rotations before finishing in sitting with some further stretches.

Class 2 – Abs and core – standing and mat work

  • Difficulty: Easier
  • Length: 30 minutes
Abs and core core workout with a variety of movements and stretches

Included in this class:

  • Chest openings (dumb waiter) with heel raises
  • Side bends
  • Squats
  • Leg extensions in 4 point kneeling
  • Child pose stretch
  • Side kicks
  • Oblique lifts

We start this class in standing with some nice stretches to warm us up before beginning some heel raises and side bends.

Rolling down onto the mat we then move into the downward dog position to stretch through our bodies as well as a focus on stretching our calfs.

Then, in 4 point kneeling we work our core with leg extension movements – make sure you go to a level that suits you. We then take time to stretch in the child pose position before moving onto our side. Here we work through a series of side kick, and oblique lift movements.

Lastly we warm down in sitting with a short series of stretches.

Class 3 – Abs and core energiser

  • Difficulty: Tough
  • Length: 52 minutes
Short but challenging abs and core workout

In this class:

  • Upper body rolls
  • Mermaid stretches
  • Oblique roll downs
  • Criss cross exercise
  • Bridging with one leg extension
  • One leg stretch
  • Y stretch

This class takes place in sitting on the mat. It is a short but relatively intensive workout.

Beginning with some warm up stretches to help activate our muscles. We then begin some more challenging abs and core movements with a sequence including criss cross, bridging and one leg stretch exercises.

We then cool down with some nice relaxing stretches in sitting.

Class 4 – Abs and core booster

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Length: 29 minutes
Half hour abs and core series in standing and on the mat

In this class, in standing:

  • Corkscrew exercise
  • Short balance series
  • Hip flexion / standing leg lifts

On the mat:

In this half hour class we work our core, abs and glutes in standing and on the mat.

Starting in standing we do a series to test our balance followed by leg lifts.

Following this we work our way through a relatively challenging series of ab, core and glute exercises. including cycling legs, scissors and the clam.

Finishing in sitting with some spine twists and gentle Y stretches.

Class 5 – Abs and core booster

  • Difficulty: Tough
  • Length: 28 minutes

Challenging abs and core Pilates workout in standing and on the mat

In this class:

  • Standing clam
  • Side plie
  • Heel raises
  • Cat stretch
  • Lift into pike
  • Lower into cobra
  • Oblique lift
  • Leg lift
  • Criss cross
  • Leg extension in abdo prep position
  • Double leg stretch
  • Spine twist
  • Y stretch

In this class we work a number of areas centred around our core and abs. We begin in standing opening our arms before a series of exercises including the standing clam and side plie before rolling down onto the mat and into 4 point kneeling.

In 4 point kneeling we run through a short series joining together the cat stretch, pike and cobra movements before rolling onto our sides to work through a sequence of oblique lifts and leg lifts.

We then roll onto our back for some challenging core and ab exercises including criss cross and double leg stretch.

Finally we warm down in sitting with some gentle spine twists and Y stretches

  • Brenda

    Thanks for allyour classes. I really enjoy them. I just did the abs and core energise in your series of 5 for abs. It was very good but the sound is quite muffled at times. Wasnt sure if you were aware.
    Thanks again

    1. Vicky

      Hi Brenda. Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately we did have some sound issues with our equipment at one point, but we upgraded a few months back and have been getting on a lot better since :). All of our classes from February this year should have better sound. Best regards

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