Pilates exercises – The Cat Stretch

What does a cat stretch do?

The Pilates Cat Stretch is a great way to gently mobilise your whole spine, in particular the thoracic (mid) spine. Cat stretch exercise is often used for individuals with stiffness in their spine or people with lower back pain.


Starting in four-point kneeling – hands underneath your shoulders and knees underneath your hips.

Gently flex your neck by dropping your chin towards your chest at the same time arching (flexing) the rest of your spine into a curve.

Then slowly move into the opposite position by lifting your head upwards, extending your neck, whilst at the same time allowing the rest of your spine to drop down into an extended position

Video – how to do a Pilates cat stretch exercise:

Top Tips

Make sure your elbows are not hyperextended before you start – the insides of your elbows should be facing each other.

If you are unsure whether this exercise is suitable for you, you should always seek professional medical advice.

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