upper body stretch and mobility

Upper body stretch and mobility

Gently mobilising the upper body with this short mat based routine

  • Difficulty: Easier
  • Length: 16 minutes

This is a gentle paced mat-based class focused on upper body mobility. The class starts in sitting then moves into four-point kneeling and onto our backs. This class focuses on stretching and mobilising through the upper body and is suitable for most levels but please always work within a range that you feel comfortable and safe to do.

This class includes:

  • Sitting – book opener, arm opening, dumb waiter
  • Four-point kneeling thread the needle
  • Cat stretch
  • Child pose
  • Arm scissors
  • Double leg stretch
  • Bridging with arm raises
  • Sitting- upper body reaches, shoulder rolls and neck stretch

The class begins with some gentle stretches in sitting mobilising through the upper back and opening through the chest with a book opener, arm openings and dumb waiter movements.

Moving into four-point kneeling we continue to stretch through the upper back with threading the needle, cat stretch and child pose movements. Continuing the class onto our backs we bring in some core control to our upper body movements with arm scissors and double leg stretch exercises. We also increase our upper body stretch in a bridge exercise modifying with some arm raises. 

We then move back into sitting to cool down and finish with some upper body reaches, shoulder rolls and neck stretches.

This class goes well with:

Easier – Simple Upper Body and Core Pilates Class

This is an easier level class that has a nice mix of stretching and strengthening exercises for the upper body, bringing in some core control movements as well. 

simple upper body and core

Regular – Upper body and core control Pilates workout

This class focuses on mobilising and strengthening through the upper body but also includes movements to challenge our core control. If you want a little bit more of a challenge this class has the option of using some hand weights (0.5-1kg weights) with some of the exercises. 

Tough – Upper body and core conditioning

This class challenges are upper body control as well as our core and abdominal muscles. This class also has the option of using hand weights to add an additional challenge to the class. The class includes some tough movement sequences so always work to a level you feel safe and comfortable with. 

Upper body conditioning


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