Resistance band upper body Pilates

Upper body resistance band workout

Class using resistance band to add some variety and challenge to the movements, with a particular focus on the upper body

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Length: 32 minutes

The class starts in standing then continues down into four-point kneeling and onto our backs. As always, please work to a level that you feel safe and comfortable to do.

This class includes:

  • Standing – toe walking
  • Chest opener
  • Standing row
  • Tricep kick back
  • Single leg stand with bicep curl
  • Roll downs
  • Four-point kneeling – aeroplane arms
  • Leg kick back and donkey kicks
  • Child pose
  • Scapula isolations
  • Bridging
  • One leg stretch with arm pull
  • One leg circle
  • Rotation stretch
  • Glue and hamstring stretch
  • Sitting – Chest opening and cleopatra

We start the class with a warm up in standing stretching out through our upper body, challenging balance and upper body control using the resistance band. We then roll down into four-point kneeling and use the band to resist aeroplane arm movement. We then work into our glutes and core control with a leg kick back and donkey kick movements. We finish in this position with a child pose stretch then move around onto our backs.

On our backs on the mat we work our upper body a little more with some scapula isolations using the resistance band. Then mobilise our spines with a Bridging movement adding some arm scissors using the resistance band. We then combine a one leg stretch and arm pull with the resistance band then use the band around the foot for a one leg circle movement. We then cool down with a rotation, glute and hamstring stretches. Finishing in siting with some upper body stretches. 

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  • Katherine

    Brilliant class today, thank you. 😎

    1. Vicky

      Most welcome 🙂

  • Teresa

    Great exercises..feeling stretched! Thankyou

    1. Vicky

      Great. Thanks Teresa. Glad you liked it

  • Gill

    Great exercises today- feeling stretched & supple,thanks!

    1. Vicky

      You’re welcome Gill. thanks for leaving a comment

  • Marged

    Enjoying this class with the resistant band, thank you Vicky.

    1. Vicky

      You’re most welcome. So glad you enjoyed it

  • Susan

    Keep coming back to this class. Always love a theraband! Thankyou Vicky for this great work you do for us all. Have a lovely summer break with your family.

    1. Vicky

      Thanks you Susan – you too!

  • Sue

    Time flew! Really enjoyed the class. Agree with all the other comments. Thank you😊

    1. Vicky

      Thanks Sue. 🙂

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