upper body workout with hand weights

Upper body Pilates workout with hand weights

Pilates class with hand weights focusing on strengthening the upper body

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Length: 32 minutes

I would recommend 0.5kg or 1kg weights but if you don’t have any weights then grab a tin from the kitchen cupboard to use! The class begins in standing then continues into four-pint kneeling and onto our backs. Please always remember to work to a level that you feel is suitable for you and only use a weight that feels comfortable. 

This class includes:

  • Standing bicep curl and arm lift above head
  • Robot arms
  • Shoulder flys
  • Single leg stand with arm raises
  • Side bend and arm reaches
  • Forward lunge and bicep curls 
  • Roll downs 
  • Four-point kneeling cat stretch 
  • Swimming
  • Bent row and straight row
  • Child pose 
  • Plank 
  • Marches
  • Hip twist with opposite arm opening
  • Chest press with scissors
  • Bridge with triceps curl 
  • Opposite arm and leg stretch 
  • Rotation stretch 
  • Sitting side bend and tree hug
  • Spine twist and arm reaches

The class begins in standing working our biceps with some bicep curls and arm lifts. Then we work on our movement control with some robot arms before strengthening our upper back with some shoulder flys. We then challenge our balance with a one leg stand and work the upper body with some arm raises. We then add some combined arm and leg movements with a side bend and stretch and forward lunge with bicep curls. We then mobilise our spines and roll down into four-point kneeling. In this position we start by stretching the spine with a cat stretch then work on our strength and control with a swimming movement and bent and straight rows. We then challenge our upper body and abdominal muscles with a plank exercise. 

Continuing down onto our backs on the mat we begin to combine our arm and leg movements with some marches, chest press with scissors and a bridge with triceps curls. We then cool down without the weights with an opposite arm and leg stretch and rotation stretch. Finishing in sitting with a side bend and tree hugs and spine twist stretches. 

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