Upper body and arms Pilates

Upper body and arms

Upper body and arms Pilates workout with (or without) weights

This class is an upper body and arm workout, really working the muscles around your shoulders and upper back muscles.

We are using some small weights in our hands with this class but if you don’t have any then you can just use some tins from the cupboard, bottles or anything you can hold that has a bit of weight. If it feels too much to use weights then you can still do the movements without.

The class includes:

  • Standing warm up with arm openings
  • Squats in standing with arm pulses
  • Roll downs
  • Press ups
  • Upper body rotations in four point kneeling
  • Tricep curls with weights in four point kneeling
  • Swan dive
  • Cobra stretch
  • Neck stretches

We start by warming up in standing with some chest openings and cleopatra movements. We then bring in some leg work with some squats but add some pulses with our arms too.

Rolling down into four point kneeling we work our upper bodies and abdominals with some press ups. Continuing to work in four point kneeling challenging our core and control with arm and leg movements. We continue in this position to engage the back of our arms with tricep curls.

We then move down onto our fronts to challenge our core and centre with a swimming movement in this position. We strengthen our necks and upper backs with a swan dive exercise in this position before moving to extend our spines with a cobra stretch.

We finish the class sitting on the mat with some gentle neck and upper body stretches.

  • Janet Bailey

    Like the new upper body class. Thank you.

  • Anjali

    Great upper body sequence 🙏🏽👍

  • Sharon

    Thank you Vicky for a wonderful upper body and arms class. It certainly woke up a few sleepy muscles! I feel energised for the day ahead.

    1. Vicky


  • jillg

    Thank you for another good class – targeting bits that need work!

  • Marged

    Thank you for this Vicky.I found it challenging in parts and realise how weak my arms and shoulders have become.

  • Sue

    Really enjoying the variety of classes with the different challenges. Great to have some exercises with the different pieces of equipment as well. Thank you!

    1. Vicky

      Hi Sue, I am glad you enjoyed the class. We also have a few more classes lined up using different equipment coming onto the site over the next few weeks.

  • Chiara

    that was great, thank you Vicky. I get numbness in my arms and hands due to discopathy, and this class felt like a temporary relief!

  • Elizabeth

    Thanks. I enjoyed the upper body workout.

  • Lynn Chalinder

    Really enjoying these classes thank you

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