Upper back release

Upper back release

Pilates class designed to help stretch and release the muscles around our upper back

  • Difficulty: Easier
  • Length: 18 minutes

The upper back is often an area where we can feel tension and stiffness. Regular stretches can help improve this. The class begins in sitting then continues onto the mat into four-point kneeling and onto our backs. The class is suitable for most levels, but please always work to a level that you feel safe and comfortable to do.

This class includes:

  • Sitting bow and arrow stretch
  • Spine twist
  • Side bend and tree hug
  • Four-point kneeling cat stretch
  • Upper body rotation
  • Child pose and cobra stretches
  • Arm scissors
  • Double leg stretch
  • Bridging with arm raises
  • Sitting arm cross -over and upper body reaches

We begin in sitting with some upper body movements including a bow and arrow stretch and spine twist. We then stretch our upper back further with a combined side bend and tree hug movement.

We then continue into four-point kneeling onto the mat and mobilise our spines with a cat stretch, working on flexion and extension movements. We then continue with an upper body rotation stretch to improve our upper body rotation mobility. We then stretch further with child pose and cobra stretches.

Moving onto our backs we work on our arm movements with arm scissors then combine our arm and leg control with a double leg stretch. We then combine a bridge with arm raises to target our upper body mobility further. We then finish the class in sitting with an arm cross-over stretch and upper body reaches. 

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  • Madeline

    Such a great post-work session. My back feels so much better. Thank you!

  • Angela

    Fab class. Will be great for easing my stiff back. Thanks.

  • Kim

    Wow what a lovely exercise routine.
    Thank you, really appreciate all your classes.

    1. Vicky


  • Karen Lanyon

    What a great class. I was a bit put off by the fact that it was an easy class as I usually enjoy your tough ones but I realised just how stiff my upper back is in doing this class. I highly recommend it to everyone. Many thanks

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