Tough upper body Pilates class

Tough upper body Pilates class

Challenging upper body Pilates workout

This class is designed to challenge the strength and control of our upper bodies as well as our core stability.

For some of the exercises we use some optional weight balls (you can always use some tins from the cupboard at home if you don’t have any) to add an extra challenge!

We start with some upper body stretches in sitting to warm up. We challenge our shoulder strength and stability with a side bend.

We then continue the class in four point kneeling to challenge our strength with some press ups.

Finishing off the class with some upper body stretches. Enjoy! let us know how you get on in the comments section below.

  • Jane

    I am now doing this routine regularly as I need to improve my upper body strength. I have real trouble with the leg pull supine and cannot lift my right leg, I can only lift my left leg 3 times. I have been working on strengthening my glutes and I think my right is stronger, is this why I can only lift my left leg? I find it really hard to analyse which muscles are stopping me perform this exercise, can you help?

    1. Vicky

      Hi Jane, sorry for delay in replying to you. Leg pull in supine is a really tough exercise. It really challenges your upper body strength as well as strengthening your abdominal muscles. If you are finding this exercise hard you could modify it slightly to build up your strength. For example, bend one leg or both and march on the spot or slide your foot along the floor. This will hopefully help build up to lifting the legs. If your glutes are stronger on the right then that is probably why you can lift the left as the right will be helping to stabilise. Your hip flexors and abdominals will also be involved in helping to lift the leg. I hope that helps best wishes, Vicky

  • Molly

    Very helpful focus on the upper body – definitely a class I’ll use again.

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