tough foam roller pilates

Tough foam roller Pilates class

Class using foam roller to modify movements and challenge legs, upper body, core and glutes

  • Difficulty: Tough
  • Length: 25 minutes

We start the class in standing using the foam roller as a prop to modify exercises to stretch our upper body and work our legs and core. We then move down onto the mat to continue the class using the foam roller to challenge our core and assist stretching through the spine and upper body. Please always work to a level that you feel safe and comfortable to do. This class includes:

  • Standing ‘Y’ stretch with foam roller
  • Lunges with rotation
  • Leg extension and squats using foam roller as prop
  • Roll downs with foam roller
  • In four-point kneeling leg pull in prone – foam roller under hands
  • Press ups
  • Thread the needle with foam roller
  • Cobra stretch with foam roller
  • Bicycle legs with foam roller under pelvis
  • Helicopter with foam roller under pelvis
  • Bridging with foam roller under feet
  • Glute and hamstring stretches
  • Long sitting roll downs
  • Spine twist

We begin the class by warming up in standing with some ‘Y’ stretches to open out land stretch our upper body. We then warm up through our legs with some lunges, adding in some upper body rotation with the foam roller.

We then challenge our core and legs a little more with some leg extension and squat movements. Rolling down into four point kneeling we continue the class using the foam roller under our hands to challenge our upper body stability wit a leg pull in prone and press up exercises. We then use the foam roller to assist stretching the spine in child pose and threading the needle movements.

Moving down onto our front we use the foam roller again to assist the spine into an extension stretch with a cobra movement. Moving around into our backs with the foam roller under the pelvis we challenge our core with some bicycle and helicopter movements.

We then continue with a Bridging exercise using the foam roller under our feet to challenge our stability further. We then cool down with some gentle stretches for our spine and legs. Finishing the class with some spine stretches in sitting.

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  • Niki Hill

    I loved this workout with the roller. I actually combined it with your previous foam roller class to make a full on workout.

    I feel much stretched and re balanced.

    Thank you, I look forward to your next classes.


  • Sue

    I found keeping the roller under the pelvis a challenge for some reason?? Kept rolling towards feet! Time flew by……great class and good to have some new challenges with the different equipment. Thank you.

  • Molly

    Excellent to discover the benefits of using a foam roller!

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