Total body Pilates

Total body Pilates

This mat based class works to strengthen and tone our upper body, core and legs.

This is the 10th class, kicking off week four of our ‘Spring calendar‘ series.

This class is an intermediate level class but as much as possible I demonstrate easier and harder options for the exercises so the class is suitable for most levels. This class includes:

  • Spine twists
  • Rope climb
  • Cleopatra with arm circles
  • Leg pull in supine
  • Half roll backs
  • Bridging with leg extension
  • Double leg stretch
  • Cycling legs
  • Side lying toe taps
  • Leg lift sideways
  • Glute and hamstring stretches
  • Mermaid stretch

This class starts with some gentle upper body stretches in sitting. We challenge our upper body control and core with a leg pull in supine. Then we add some abdominal muscle strengthening with some half roll backs.

Moving down onto our backs on the mat we work our core control with Bridging and double leg stretch movements. On our sides we engage and challenge our glutes with some toe taps and leg lift sideways.

We then stretch out our hamstrings and glute muscles before finishing with some gentle stretches in sitting.

  • Janet

    Really enjoyed your newest 37 minute class. Thanks a lot. Fully stretched for today!

  • Marilyn Walton

    A super new class Vicky, I really enjoyed it. Thank you.😊

  • Charlotte

    I have been feeling so uninspired with exercise and have been struggling to find a yoga/pilates instructor and who works for me, alongside a full body workout that doesn’t leave me unable to walk the day after. I’m so happy I’ve come across your wonderful pilates. The time flies by with the varied moves and your lovely gentle and encouraging approach is just right. Thank you so much! Feeling stronger by the day.

  • Tania

    Thank you for lovely series of classes, just the right amount of time and level to be able to fit this into your daily routine. Feeling stronger by the day!

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