TOTAL body Pilates with soft ball

Total body Pilates with soft ball

Full body, full length Pilates workout using the Pilates soft ball to add some variation and challenge

  • Difficulty: Tough
  • Length: 40 minutes

The class begins in standing and then continues down into four-point kneeling, our sides and onto our backs on the mat. There are some challenging exercise sequences in the class so please always work to a level that you feel safe and comfortable to do.

This class includes:

  • Standing spine twist
  • Squats – ball in hands
  • Upper body rotation
  • One foot on ball standing mermaid and round the world stretch
  • Roll downs
  • Four-point kneeling – upper body rotation
  • Leg fold and stretch – ball under foot
  • Leg pull prone prep – ball under feet
  • Child pose stretch
  • Side bend with adductor squeezes
  • Side lying – clam with arm lifts
  • Arm opening
  • Combined scissors and hip twist with soft ball
  • One leg stretch
  • Long sitting – roll downs

The class begins in standing using the soft ball in our hands we mobilise our spines with a spine twist movement, and upper body rotation. We continue to challenge our balance in standing with one foot on the ball and stretch our spines with a mermaid and round the world stretch. We then roll down into four-point kneeling onto the mat. Using the ball under one hand, challenge our upper body stability, we mobilise into a rotation stretch. We then place the ball under our feet and work into a leg fold and stretch, controlling the ball with our legs. Continuing with the ball under both feet we challenge our stability further with a leg pull in prone movement before we stretch out into a child pose stretch.

Moving onto our sides with work into a side bend with the ball between our knees and combine in some adductor squeezes. We then continue onto our sides with a clam exercise and stretch through our upper body with an arm opening movement. From here we move onto our backs and use the soft ball behind our knee for scissors and combined hip twist movement. We then challenge our core and stability by using the ball under our pelvis for a one leg circle and one leg stretch movements. We then finish the class in sitting with some arm reaches and roll down movements.

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  • Roz

    Hi Vicky, you weren’t kidding about this being a tough class! I couldn’t manage the leg pull in prone with the ball at all. It felt like I didn’t have the strength in my wrists or core to lift up but I can do them without the ball.

  • Mary Howell

    Loved that class, thank you 👏👏

  • Mel

    News just in: the Pilates soft ball is EVIL (in a good way). Thanks for the class, Vicky!

    1. Vicky


  • fulvia

    fab class, I enjoyed the challenge with the ball. Some of it was hard work, but you never said it was going to be easy!
    Thank you Vicky!

  • Sue

    Another great class with new challenges. Thank you! 😊

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