Total body Pilates flow

Total body Pilates flow

Pilates flow class incorporating a range of exercise sequences to work throughout the body

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Length: 33 minutes

The class begins in standing then continues onto our fronts, sides and back onto the mat. Please remember to always work to a level that you feel safe and comfortable to do, especially with move challenging movements.

This class includes:

  • Standing balance series
  • Standing hip twist with arm opening
  • Side plie squats
  • Lunges
  • Forward reach
  • Roll down
  • Swimming
  • Swan dive
  • Cobra stretch
  • Side lying abdominal curl
  • Leg lift sideways and fold and stretch
  • Arm opening
  • Scissors and hip twist combined
  • Bridge with arm above head
  • leg stretch and arm reaches
  • double leg stretch
  • one leg circle and lift and lower
  • rotation stretch
  • glute muscle stretch
  • sitting arm opening

The class begins in standing working on movement control with a balance series and combined hip twist and arm opening movement. We then work our legs with a side plie, rotating each side from here into static lunges. We then challenge our balance further with a forward reach before rolling down onto our fronts to continue the class.

On our fronts we combine our arm and leg movements with a swimming exercise then work our upper body with  a swan dive. WE then stretch our spines into extension with a cobra stretch. Moving onto our sides we work up on our elbows for an abdominal curl. We then work our glutes with a combined leg lift sideways and fold and stretch. Staying on our sides we mobilise into our upper back with an arm opening stretch.

We then continue the class onto our backs working our core control with a combined scissors and hip twist. We then continue to work on our movement control combining arm and leg movements with a bridge, leg stretch and arm reaches and double leg stretch. We then cool down with a rotation stretch and glute stretch and finish in sitting with arm openings.

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  • Alison

    Thanks Vicky, loved the total Pilates flow this morning. A great follow up to to the class I did of yours yesterday. I appreciate being able to put together my own programme for the week depending on where I feel the need to stretch out, my mood or just how much time I have! Thank you again.

  • Lynda Simpson

    I haven’t done any Pilates for months and it felt great to be back into it today, a really good class, thanks so much.

  • Marilyn Walton

    I really enjoyed this new flow class Vicky, especially the slight variations to familiar movements that you’ve included. I’m sure it’s one I shall repeat often. Thank you. Marilyn xx

    1. Vicky

      Thank you Marilyn. So glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

  • Lynn

    I really loved the “flow” of this. Thank you for always presenting a good Pilates class!
    Enjoy your day.

  • Fulvia

    Great class, thanks so much Vicky. Will definitely do it again 🙂

  • Marged

    Thank you for this class Vicky I really enjoyed the fluidity of the movements .A great way to connect to my body first thing in the morning.

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