Super stretchy Pilates class-t

Super stretchy Pilates class

Great mat based class to open out and stretch through your spine.

This is a gently paced, relaxing class perfect to destress or if you want to feel two inches taller.

The class starts warming up in sitting opening and stretching through our necks. Then lengthening and stretching through our spines with a mermaid stretch.  Moving into four-point kneeling to open out though our spines further with a cat stretch movement.  In this position we lengthen through the body further with a swimming/superman movement.

Coming down onto our backs we begin by mobilising our spines with a bridging movement. We then open out through our hips a little more with a hip twist movement. We then gently stretch out through our spines, legs and upper body to finish.  

  • Karen

    Having done Pilates for the last 4 years until lockdown, I have struggled to motivate myself since March. This is the first on-line class I’ve done and I loved it. My body has missed it. Thank you, looking forward to more.

  • Marilyn

    A lovely class thank you Vicky, just the things to sort out some creaks!

  • Rose

    Hi Vicky,

    Thanks for an enjoyable class.

    Stay safe

  • Carol

    Thankyou…this was perfect after overdoing the gardening this week.!!

  • Jacqui Farr

    Loving your classes, really helping me to focus my mind

  • mollyandlady@googlemail.com

    I took up pilates a few years ago, then life took over and haven’t been for more than a year.
    Found your classes and am enjoying getting back into it

  • Tom Davenport

    Great Class. I tend not have time for Pilates over the weekend, do do this every Monday to get myself set for the week. Always feels much better after.

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