Stretching and lengthening Pilates

Stretching and lengthening Pilates class

Feel two inches taller with this stretching and lengthening Pilates class

Pilates class utilising multiple stretching and lengthening movements.

We start the class in sitting gently stretching and opening up through our neck and upper body.

We then move down onto the mat onto our backs to challenge our core control and pelvic stability with some great lengthening movements like a double leg stretch. We then stretch out our glute and hamstrings muscles on our backs.

We move onto our sides to work our glutes with a clam movement before opening out through our chests and upper back with an arm opening movement.

  • Laura

    Great class, thanks. Just wondering, when doing the mermaid stretch, should we be trying to keep our sit bones on the ground throughout?

    1. Vicky

      Hi Laura, glad you enjoyed the class. Yes ideally you want to try and keep your sitting bones on the mat when you are doing mermaid stretch but you will feel the weight transfer across them as you do it. The aim of the movement is to feel the stretch through the side of your torso. I hope that helps! Vicky

  • Sarah

    Thank you for the class. Do you have any sessions which incorporate standing as well as sitting?

    1. Vicky

      Hi Sarah. Thanks for your comment. Yes we do. Many of our longer classes include standing exercises. You can find them here: https://pilateslive.co.uk/long-pilates-classes/

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