stretch and relax pilates

Stretch and relax

This is a mat based class which gently stretches the body from top to toe.

Starting in standing we open out our chests and spines with some lovely stretching movements before rolling down into a downward dog position to stretch out the calf muscles. We extend our spines in the class with a cobra stretch and open and flex with a child pose stretch.

We then move round onto our backs on the mat to finish the class with some gentle stretches.

  • Liz T

    I’m so glad I found you!! I have been trying to find an on line Pilates class to meet my needs for some time. I was diagnosed with breast cancer last May, so was unable to do my usual twice weekly Pilates class. I am shocked at how unfit I am now and also having numb fingers and toes due to the Chemo makes everything more difficult too. So just to do 15 minutes of Pilates was a total joy, thanks.

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