Strength and stability-pilates class

Strength and stability Pilates class

Ten minute class to work build strength and control in a four-point kneeling

This class is perfect for a quick work out to challenge your core and upper body.

We start by moving through our spines and warming up with a cat stretch movement. Continuing in four-point kneeling position we practice our leg pull in prone movement and press ups working on both upper body and abdominal muscle strength.

We also challenge our core control and lengthen our spines with a Pilates swimming exercise before finishing the class by stretching through our spines and upper body with a child pose stretch.

  • Rose

    Hi Vicky,

    Thanks for a good class.

    Stay safe


  • Paloma

    Thanks for this great little class, easy to fit in on a busy day!

  • Tom

    Nice quick class to start the day!

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