simple foam roller pilates

Simple foam roller Pilates class

Gentle class using the foam roller to add an extra dimension and challenge

  • Difficulty: Easier
  • Length: 22 minutes

The class begins with a short warm up in sitting then moves onto our fronts, sitting and onto our backs with the foam roller. The class is suitable for most levels but please always work to a level that you feel comfortable and safe to do.

This class includes:

  • Sitting – arm reaches and spine twist stretches
  • Wings
  • Swan dive
  • Child pose to cat stretch
  • Sitting – hundreds
  • Sitting – upper body extension
  • Bicycle
  • Bridging
  • One leg stretch
  • Hamstring stretch
  • Sitting spine twist and mermaid stretch

The class begins with a short warm up in sitting to stretch and mobilise through the upper body. We then move down onto our fronts and work on some upper back strength and mobility using the foam roller with a wings movement and swan dive. We then continue to stretch through the upper back using the foam roller to combine a child pose and cat stretch.

Moving into sitting using the roller for support we work our abdominals with a hundreds movements and upper back extension. Moving down onto our backs we use the roller under our feet to challenge our movement control with a bicycle movement, bridging and a one leg stretch. We then cool down with some gentle upper body stretches in sitting to finish. 


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  • Linda Henry

    Hi Vicky,
    I see foam rollers come in different lengths (eg 45 or 90 cm). Which do you recommend?
    Many thanks., as always, for your great classes – and best wishes,

    1. Vicky

      Hi Linda, Thanks for your comment. I am using the 90 cm foam roller. You can use either but the longer one does give you the option of doing exercises lying on the roller but you can do lots with the 45cm one if you don’t have as much space! Best wishes, Vicky

  • Sue Heyes

    Just what I needed today after a busy morning. Great to be using the roller. Thanks again Vicky, you’re a star.

    1. Vicky

      Most welcome. Thanks Sue.

  • Kirsty Cowe

    As a beginner to Pilates I would like to clarify that I should start with the easier classes? And I would also like to know how many times a week I should take one of these classes?

    Kind regards


    1. Vicky

      Hello Kirsty, If Pilates is new to you then it is a good idea to start with the easier classes. In many of the ‘regular’ level classes I will demonstrate different levels to the exercises so you can work to a level that you feel comfortable with. We also have lots of tips about some of the principles of Pilates, such as engaging your core, which you can find here https://pilateslive.co.uk/principles-of-pilates/ It depends on how much time you have available but 3 times a week is a great aim if that’s possible but even doing the classes once a week will be of benefit. Best wishes, Vicky

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