resistance band pilates workout

Resistance band workout

Challenging resistance band workout

This class is a mat based class using the resistance band. In this class we use the resistance band to modify some of our favourite Pilates moves and challenge our muscles a little more!

  • The class includes:
  • Standing pendular movement
  • Lunge with rotation
  • Squats with arm reaches
  • Bridging with leg extension
  • Double leg extension against the band
  • One leg stretch with arm lifts
  • One leg circle
  • Glute stretch
  • Mermaid stretch

This class starts in standing and uses the resistance band to work both our upper and lower body control. Combining some upper body rotations with lunges as well as some arm and leg extensions for a full body flow. Mobilising the spine with some roll downs before we continue the class on our backs on the mat.

On the mat we challenge our abdominals with double leg extension against the band. Combining a dynamic hamstring stretch with a bridge for an extra challenge on our glute muscles.

We then work on our lumbo-pelvic control with a one leg stretch, modified using the resistance band. Using the band in our hands we combine arm raises with a one leg stretch to again bring in a full body flow.

Finally finishing the class stretching our spines and glute muscles.

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  • jillg

    Thank you – another great class. I really need to work on my balance for those first exercises!

  • Gill

    Brilliant class! Love resistance band workouts.

  • Marged

    Excellent class Vicky ,thank you

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