pilates for bed time

Relaxing bed time stretches

Series of stretches to help you relax and unwind

If you feel stiff after a long day, or find it hard to ‘switch off’ and relax – this short, Pilates-based stretch series may help.

Join Vicky, Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor for this easy 10 minute routine.

This simple series of stretches can be done on a mat or in bed at home to help you relax.

The class includes stretches for your lower back, arms, chest and through your upper spine.

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  • Albert

    Great stretch before going to bed. Thanks for posting these great videos!

  • Keiber Codrington

    Much appreciated as my interest grows in pilates and hopefully becoming an instructor

  • Lisa

    I have just subscribed to this site as I am finding it difficult to find local Pilates classes they all seem to be yoga. I completed the bedtime stretch one, very nice .. excited to try more 😍

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