Runners glute workout

Pilates workout for runners

Glute muscle strengthening for runners.

Good muscle strength of the gluteal muscles is important in helping to maintain stability around the pelvis, improve running performance and help to avoid injury in runners.

In this class we challenge our gluteal muscles in standing and on the mat. In standing we work the muscle control and stability around the pelvis with a single leg dip and standing clam movements.

Moving down onto the mat we really challenge our glute muscles with a high kneeling side kick. We then give these muscles a good stretch to finish the class!

If you’ve found this Pilates for runners class enjoyable. Please let us know in the comments below.

  • Kirsteen

    Great class again! Really tough, thank you

  • Tom

    Great class; it’s really helped stiffness I was getting after running.

  • Sharon

    Finding this class very helpful just now. I’ve entered for my first ever half marathon at the end of this month but after getting up to 20k a couple of weeks ago I had to seriously pull back from LTB pain 🙁 Doing this class regularly will hopefully allow me to maintain the muscle strength without over-stressing my knees….

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