Pilates balance and strength

Pilates to improve balance and strength

Pilates class focused on improving balance by strengthening our core and leg muscles

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Length: 39 minutes

The class begins in standing then continues onto our backs, sides and into sitting on the mat. Please always remember to work to a level that you feel safe and comfortable to do.

This class includes:

  • Standing balance series
  • Squats with heel raises
  • Standing scissors and hip twist
  • Knee tap and stretch
  • Reverse warrior
  • Single leg stand with arm scissors
  • Forward lunge
  • Roll downs
  • Hip twist with arm opening
  • Double leg stretch
  • Ab curl with single leg stretch
  • Side lying fold and stretch
  • Clam
  • Leg press and leg lift sideways
  • Sitting – half roll back with arm scissors
  • Ankle mobility
  • Calf and hamstring stretch
  • Glute stretch
  • Sitting arm reaches and side bend

The class begins in standing warming up through our arms and legs with a balance series. We then continue to strengthen our legs with squats and heel raises, standing scissors with hip twist.  We then begin to challenge our single leg control with a knee tap and stretch, single leg stand with arm scissors and forward lunge. We then mobilise our spines with some roll downs before coming down onto our backs on the mat and continue the class.

Onto our backs we work to strengthen our core with a hip twist with arm opening and a double leg stretch. Then add some abdominal curls with a one leg stretch. Moving onto our sides we strengthen around our glute muscles with a leg fold and stretch, clam and leg press and leg lift sideways. Then coming up into sitting we challenge our core and abdominals further with some half roll backs and work on some ankle mobility and calf stretches. We then cool down with a glute stretch and into sitting with arm reaches and side bend.

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  • marged

    I’m really enjoying this calendar, with its focus on balance.
    I’ve particularly enjoyed doing this class and can feel its benefit after one session.

    thank you so much Vicky

  • Fulvia

    Great class, thank you Vicky. I loved the new exercises and the balance challenges! Will do it again soon!

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