strength and mobility with pilates soft ball

Pilates strength and mobility class with soft ball

This is a mat-based class using the Pilates soft ball to add variation and challenge

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Length: 40 minutes

The class begins in standing then continues down onto the mat on our fronts, sides and onto our backs. The class includes exercises sequences to challenge both mobility and strength, but please always remember to work to a level that you feel safe and comfortable to do. This class includes:

  • Standing balance series 
  • Spine twist
  • Side lunge
  • Single leg dip
  • Standing mermaid 
  • Roll downs
  • Spine extension
  • Swimming legs
  • Cobra stretch 
  • Child pose
  • Side lying clam 
  • Double leg stretch 
  • Side bend
  • Upper spine extension stretch 
  • One leg stretch 
  • Hip twist 
  • Bridge 
  • Double leg stretch 
  • Dead bug 
  • Lumbar rotation
  • Glute and hamstring stretch
  • Sitting spine twist 

The class begins in standing and starts by warming up with a balance series and spine twist, using the soft ball in our hands. We then work our abs with a rotation movement and our legs into our side lunge. Then using the ball under one foot we challenge our balance and control with a single leg dip and mermaid stretch. We then roll down onto our fronts and work into some upper body extension using the ball under one hand. Then we bring in some leg strengthening with swimming legs keeping the ball between our hands in an elevated position. We then stretch our spines further with both cobra and child pose stretches. 

Moving onto our sides we challenge our glute strength and control with a clam and double leg leg keeping the ball between our feet. Then lifting up onto our elbows, to bring some upper body strength, we work our obliques and glutes with a side bend. Then placing the ball in our upper back we then stretch into extension over the ball. Moving onto our backs on the mat we continue using the ball under our feet for a one leg stretch, hip twist and bridge movements. We then cool down with a dead bug and lumbar rotation stretch. Finishing with some glute and hamstring stretches and into sitting with a spine twist.

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  • m.c.

    thanks for the classes. I will make a donation for your effort. Marianne

  • Fulvia

    Great class, although the bridge with the ball was a bit of a challenge! 😀 Will practise that one! Thank you Vicky

  • Mel S

    Ace all round class, thank you. Amazing the difference the small soft ball makes!

    1. Vicky

      Thanks Mel. Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Sue

    Excellent class. Enjoyed the extra challenge using the ball. Thank you!

  • Sayantanii Mitrra

    Enjoyed the class and the challenge doing bridge with the soft ball

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