Pilates movement control

Pilates movement control

Workout challenging both strength and control of movement

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Length: 37 minutes

The class begins by warming up in standing and then moves down into four-point kneeling, our sides and onto our back on the mat.  Some of the exercises in the class which are working on our strength are more challenging so please always work to a level that you feel safe and comfortable with.

This class includes:

  • Standing toy soldier
  • Standing scissors movement
  • Side plie with heel raise
  • Standing one leg stretch to lunge
  • Shoulder rolls and side bend
  • Roll downs
  • Four-point kneeling cat stretch
  • Tricep fold kick
  • Child pose
  • Donkey kicks
  • Side lying toe taps
  • Side leg press
  • Arm openings
  • Leg stretch with abdo prep
  • Scissors
  • Opposite arm and leg stretch
  • Lumbar rotation stretch
  • Glute and hamstring stretches
  • Sitting chest opener and spine twist

The class begins in standing warming up through our arms and legs with a toy soldier movement. We then begin to challenge our balance and leg control with a standing scissor movement, side plie with heel raise and a standing one leg stretch and lunge. We then continue in standing to mobilise the spine with a side bend and roll downs.

Moving into four-point kneeling we mobilise through the spine a little more with a cat stretch and then begin to challenge our upper body strength with some tricep fold kicks. In this position we also strengthen through the glutes with a donkey kick movement. Moving down onto our sides we continue to challenge our glute muscle strength with a toe tap movement and side leg press. Staying on our sides we open out and mobilise through our upper spine with an arm opening stretch.

Continuing the class down onto our backs we work on some abdominal strength bringing into some abdominal prep movement with a leg stretch and scissors movement. We then begin to cool down with an opposite arm and leg stretch, lumbar rotation and leg stretches. Finishing the class with some chest openings and spine twist movement.

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  • Sue

    After an afternoon the garden, I have to admit the ‘box’ was the biggest but definitely felt better by the end of the class! 🙂 thank you.

    1. Vicky


  • Xavier Panades I Blas

    I needed to reinforce my upper leg muscles to ease pain in my knees. You lessons have definitely strengthen them. It has helped with my movements on the stage. Thanks so much!

    1. Vicky

      Thanks for your comment Xavier. Glad the classes have helped.

  • Raluca

    the class really helped, i was in such a bad mood before beginning it, but my condition has really improved, thank you again!

    1. Vicky

      Most welcome 🙂

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