Pilates leg class

Pilates leg focus

This is a mat-based class focused on stretching and strengthening into our legs.

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Length: 41 minutes

The class begins in standing working on movements to test our strength, control, and balance. We then continue the class into side lying, our fronts and onto our backs on the mat. The class includes some challenging exercise sequences so please remember to work at a level that you feel safe and comfortable to do.

The class includes:

  • Standing toe walking
  • ‘Y’ stretch with heel raises
  • Toe taps back and sideways
  • Squats with hamstring curls
  • Standing clam
  • Single leg stand with upper body stretch
  • Side lunge with side bend
  • Calf stretch
  • Roll downs with hamstring stretch
  • Side lying side leg press
  • Side kick
  • Leg lift sideways
  • Hamstring curls and donkey kicks
  • Quadriceps muscle stretch
  • Cobra stretch
  • Child pose stretch
  • One leg stretch
  • Scissors
  • Dynamic hamstring stretch
  • Rotation stretch
  • Sitting glute stretch and mermaid stretch

The class begins in standing warming up through our feet and ankles with some toe walking. We then start to work into our calf muscles with a Y stretch with heel raises. Adding some movement control we continue with toe taps backwards and sideways and some squats with hamstring curls.

We then begin to challenge our balance with a standing clam, adding a single leg stand with upper body movements. We then stretch into our calf and hamstring muscles before rolling down and continuing the class onto our sides on the mat.

Into side lying we work on strengthening our glute muscles and movement control with a side leg press and side kick exercises. We then move onto our fronts and strengthen into our legs with some hamstring curls and donkey kick movements. We then stretch our quadriceps muscles on our fronts and our spines with a cobra stretch. 

Moving onto our backs we continue to work on our core control with a one leg stretch, scissors and pike movements. We then begin to cool down with a dynamic hamstring stretch and rotation stretch. Finishing in sitting with a glute stretch and mermaid movement.  

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  • sam

    Loved the class. Great workout for the legs/glutes and balance. Thanks.

  • fulvia

    Thank you Vicky, that was a fab class. I loved the dynamic variations!

  • marged

    Loved this class Vicky.I can feel the benefit already.Thanks a lot.

  • Mary Howell

    Could you let us know in advance what equipment will be used in the August classes. Many thanks

    1. Vicky

      HI Mary. Good question. We’ll be using the resistance band, soft ball and foam roller….Still putting them together, but maybe also the Pilates circle.

  • Mary Howell

    Thank you

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