Pilates for swimmers

Pilates for swimmers

Pilates for swimmers – Class to challenge and strengthen muscle groups used in swimming movements

This is a short mat based class which has been designed for swimmers involving some flexibility, strength and stability, which are all important components for a good swimming technique.

We start this Pilates for swimmers class in sitting and begin by stretching and opening out through our upper backs and shoulders, areas which can often become stiff in swimmers.

We then work on our core stability and strength with a double leg stretch and bridging movement.

Moving around onto our fronts on the mat we continue to work on our lumbo-pelvic control with a swimming movement in this position as well as some upper body strength and stability with a swan dive movement. We then stretch out through our spines to finish the class.

  • Carol H

    Lovely exercises. Particularly enjoyed the upper back work. I try to swim most days but with the shorter days and variable weather it’s getting more difficult. This will keep me goi g through the winter.

  • Kate

    Just did this session and really liked it, even though I’m not a swimmer!
    I’ve been stuck with a laptop-office set up over the lockdown year and am desperate to get my shoulders and upper back stretched and ‘walk tall’ again. Dedicated sessions for combatting the office would be wonderful, but this did nicely for a start.

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