Pre run Pilates workout

Pilates for runners – pre-run workout

Running is an intensive activity, make sure you warm up properly!

Pilates for runners

This 10 minute Pilates-based programme helps you to stretch and strengthen your core running muscles to help avoid injury.

Vicky takes you through some stretching exercises to warm muscles up in advance of a jog or similar activity.

Stretch and strengthen

You can also run through this 10 minute work out to help build flexibility and strengthen muscles needed for more intensive exercise.

Quick Pilates workout

We hope you enjoy this short workout. If you are interested in more Pilates for runners or looking for something more challenging. You can search all our classes. Enjoy. 🙂

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  • Martina

    A great pre-run warm-up, activation and stretch. I shall be doing this one before every run!

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