Pilates for good posture

Pilates for better posture

This is a mat based class working on areas of the body to support good posture.

  • Difficulty: Easier
  • Length: 33 minutes

The class focuses on stretching the spine and strengthening around the upper back and core muscles. This class includes:

  • Cleopatra in sitting
  • Mermaid stretch in sitting
  • Cat stretch
  • Thread the needle
  • Leg pull in prone
  • Swan dive
  • Cobra
  • Bridging
  • Double leg stretch
  • Sitting glute stretch
  • Neck stretches

We start the class by warming up with some gentle upper body stretches in sitting. Moving around into four point kneeling we continue to stretch out our spines with a cat stretch and rotation stretches. Challenging our core and upper body with a leg pull in prone before stretching out again with a child pose stretch.

Moving down onto our front we work on strengthening our upper backs with swan dive and breaststroke prep exercises. Moving onto our backs we strengthen our core with Bridging and double leg stretch exercises.

Finishing the class in sitting with some gentle neck and upper body stretches.

  • Marilyn Walton

    I really enjoyed this new class for better posture, Vicky. It’s just the thing after a winter hunched over a laptop, tablet or book! Thank you. Marilyn x

    1. Vicky

      Thanks so much Marilyn. I am glad you enjoyed it.

  • Anjali

    Great posture class thanks 🙏🏽

    1. Vicky

      Thanks Anjali. So glad you enjoyed it. Hope all well 🙂

  • Sue

    Great class to unwind after a stressful day in work and to work on better posture ! Thank you.

    1. Vicky

      Thanks Susan. So glad you liked it. Hope your day wasn’t too stressful :). All the best.

  • Lynn

    Hi Vicky I love that you let us know what each class is geared towards. The list of what we are going to do and the length.
    I love your classes and the variety. I look forward to receiving a new one and trying it.
    Keep up the excellent job!

    1. Vicky

      Thanks Lynn. So pleased you like the classes.

  • Bernadette

    Love this class, the way you teach is fantastic, so encouraging. Flexibility is one of my problems so this has been great. Thank you.

  • Rowena

    My go to class for whenever I have stiff shoulders and neck- very useful thanks!

  • S. Thomas

    Thank you so much for this class! It’s proving very helpful to me.

    1. Vicky

      That’s great to hear you have found the class helpful 🙂

  • Jenny

    Is this class suitable for first trimester pregnancy? Primarily interested in strengthening my core and improving my posture.


    1. Vicky

      Hi Jenny, if you are used to exercising then in your first trimester these exercises are OK. The class includes lying on your front which you may find starts to become uncomfortable. You can often feel more tired in your first trimester too so this is something to consider when exercising. You may also want to take a little longer changing positions on the mat. During pregnancy exercises in standing, sitting , side lying and four-point kneeling are all usually OK as long as you are not feeling any symptoms. As pregnancy progresses we often start to avoid exercises lying on your back. We have a short ante natal class series which you may find helpful and can be found here https://pilateslive.co.uk/pilates-series/prenatal-pilates-series/ I can only give very general advice and if you are unsure about any exercises then please seek advice from a health professional. I wish you all the best with your pregnancy, Vicky 🙂

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