Pilates for balance

Pilates class to improve balance

Mat based class challenging leg and core muscles

Fancy giving your balance a bit of a challenge?

This class is a standing class on the mat. Strengthening our core and leg muscles is key to helping to improve balance.

We start warming up our legs and reaching out of our base of support with a star toe tap movement.

We continue to challenge our balance onto our toes and standing on one leg whilst at the same time working on strengthening some key muscles such as our glutes and quadriceps (thigh) muscles.

Finishing the class with some stretches and roll downs to mobilise our spines.

I hope you enjoy the class.

  • Gabrielle

    Many thanks – really helpful class though quite challenging on balance! Will definitely do again

  • Mary

    All your classes are excellent, Vicky. I really enjoyed the stretches in this one.

    1. Vicky

      Thanks Mary. I am glad you enjoyed this Pilates class!

  • Anne

    Thank you Vicky my first time doing pilates for a long time. I am pleased I managed.

  • Laura

    Thank you Vicky, I really enjoy all your lessons!

  • Hannah

    Thank you for all your classes. I really enjoy them and they are explained so well. Is it possible to get a bit lightheaded the day after working on balance exercises?

    1. Vicky

      Glad you enjoy the classes. Sometimes during an exercise or directly after it is possible to feel lightheaded (although quite unusual) but I think it is unlikely that they would cause this the following day. Vicky

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