Pelvic floor stretches

Pelvic floor stretches

Sequence of stretches designed to help relax and lengthen the muscles inside and around the pelvis.

  • Difficulty: Easier
  • Length: 11 minutes

We start the class lying on our backs on the mat then move into four-point kneeling to finish the class. During each exercise we also focus on breathing mindfully throughout the stretches.

During the class we should feel tension in the muscles when stretching but never pain. If you experience any pain then please seek advice from a health professional.

This class includes:

  • Single knee hugs
  • Glute and piriformis stretch
  • Knee to opposite shoulder
  • Flat frog
  • Rotation stretch
  • Happy baby pose
  • Four-point kneeling tail swish
  • Child pose stretch


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  • Judah

    Great short stretching session. Thanks Vicky!

    1. Vicky

      You’re welcome Judah. Glad you enjoyed the class 🙂

  • Astra

    Perfect for a slightly tired clock change Monday. Thank you

  • Marged

    I’ve found myself using this short class every day this week and feel the benefit .Thank you Vicky.

  • Edel

    Please can I have access to your classes. I’ve never done previous but would like to experience. I have done yoga for a number of years but would like to build up my core muscles and my pelvic floor!
    Many thanks

    1. Vicky

      Hi Edel. The classes are available in the videos within the pages. If you cannot see a video on the page, it may not have quite loaded yet. Sometimes it takes a little while.

  • Heidi

    Really nice and relaxing class. Thank you!

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