Movement and control pilates class

Movement and control Pilates workout

Workout focusing on mobility and flexibility

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Length: 37 minutes

The class is suitable for most levels and where possible easier and tougher options are demonstrated. It is important to always work to a level that suits you and you feel comfortable with. This class includes:

  • Standing warm up including corkscrew and side bend movements
  • Squats with combined leg extension
  • Roll downs
  • Cat stretch in four point kneeling
  • In four point kneeling one leg stretch with side taps
  • Child pose stretch
  • Swimming
  • Hip twist
  • Bridging with arm raises
  • Scissors
  • Dynamic hamstring stretch
  • Spine twist in sitting
  • Mermaid stretch in sitting

The class starts in standing warming up our upper body with a corkscrew movement and combining a side stretch. We then incorporate some glute strengthening with squats and combined leg extensions.

Rolling down into four-point kneeling we begin to mobilise our spines with a cat stretch movements and arm opening exercises. In this position with also work on our core and stability with a swimming exercise.

Moving down onto our backs on the back we work on hip control and movement with hip twist and scissors exercises. We also mobilise our spines further with a bridge and combine some arm raises with this movement.

We cool down in sitting with some gentle leg and upper body stretches.

  • Ella

    Thanks Vicky, that was one of my favourite classes yet. I feel so much better for a good stretch, and the side taps really worked my stability.

  • Sue

    Great class to stretch out, after a day sat in front of a computer followed by some gardening. Thank you!

    1. Vicky

      Glad you enjoyed it Sue 🙂

  • Tom

    Great Class. in a week of isolation and it got everything moving again.

  • Mairi Adkin

    Thank you I am really enjoying your classes .

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