lunchtime Pilates

Lunchtime Pilates

Take a break from work to stretch and lengthen with this 20 minute Pilates routine

This is a mat based class perfect to fit into a lunch break or to do after work to help stretch and lengthen through the body, particularly after long periods of sitting during the day. This class focuses on strengthening and engaging your pelvic floor and core stability muscles. The class is suitable for most levels, but please always work to a level that you feel comfortable with.

This class includes:

  • ‘Y’ stretch in sitting
  • Bridging
  • Double leg stretch
  • Side lying leg lift and lower with toe tap
  • Arm openings
  • Opposite arm and leg lengthening
  • Glute and hamstring stretches
  • Sitting mermaid

We start with some gentle upper body stretches in sitting and engage our shoulder blade muscles. Moving down onto the mat and on our backs we mobilise our spines and strengthen our core with a Bridging and double leg stretch exercises.

Moving around onto our sides we challenge our glute and core muscles with a leg lift and lower with toe tap, then rotate through our upper spine and open our chests with an arm opening stretch.

We then cool down on our backs with some gentle back and leg stretches, finishing with a mermaid stretch in sitting.

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