Loop band Pilates class

Loop band Pilates workout

Mat-based class using a loop band to add some resistance to the movements.

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Length: 28 minutes

The class begins in standing and then continues onto our sides and back on the mat. There are some tough challenges included in the class so please remember to always work to a level that you feel safe and comfortable to do.

This class includes:

  • Standing  Y stretch and round the world
  • Single arm shoulder row
  • Standing clam
  • Squats with heel raise
  • Side lunge
  • Roll downs
  • Side lying side kick
  • Lift and lower
  • One leg stretch and hip twist
  • Knee opening
  • Bridging
  • Combined bicep curl and leg lower
  • Criss cross
  • Rotation stretch
  • Glute and hamstring stretches
  • Sitting side bend and tree hug

The class begins in standing using the loop band between our hands with a Y stretch, round the world stretch and single arm shoulder row. We then continue with the band around our thighs and challenge our strength and balance with a standing clam, squats and side lunge. We then continue the class down onto our sides with the band around our thighs still and use it to add resistance to both side kick and lift and lower movements.

Moving onto our backs we then challenge our core further with a one leg stretch and hip twist movements and bridging. Then using the band looped around one foot and hand we combine some arm and leg movement control. Then using the band between our hands we add some abdominal and oblique strengthening with a criss-cross exercise.

We then cool down with a rotation stretch, glute and hamstring stretches. Finishing in sitting with a combined side bend and tree hug stretch.

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  • Sue

    Great class and an opportunity to use the loop bands (which I bought by mistake a few weeks ago!). I don’t think I could lift my leg as high as you do on the lift and lower exercise, even without the band!! I did really struggle to lower my leg on the bicep curl exercise. My shoulder kept being pulled down. I decided to try the medium strength loop. Do they come in different lengths, or stretch with use….or am I not likely to be doing the exercise correctly? Many thanks 🙂

    1. Vicky

      Hi Sue, glad you enjoyed the class. the lift and lower exercise is a tough one! I am sure you are doing the exercise correctly. I don’t think they come in different lengths but if you are using a fairly tough band then it would be difficult to lower your leg too far. It does depend on the strength of the band and how much give is in it. I would say for that particular exercise just to lower your leg as far as comfortable before feeling your shoulder is being pulled down. As even lowering the leg a small amount will still engage your core and abdominal muscles. best wishes, Vicky

  • Teresa

    Loved using the loop/mini band. Great class….feel stretched !

  • JAS

    That was awesome! Thanks so much.

  • Madeline Swift

    Great workout and easy to fit in to a busy day, thank you!

  • samantha

    Great class. My muscles feel like they have had a good workout. Thanks.

  • samantha

    Revisited this class. Really enjoy working with the bands. Thanks Vicky

  • Florence

    Great as always. Went with a medium band but think I could go heavy next time. Thanks

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