Just move Pilates

Just move Pilates

Class designed to get our body moving. Includes a range of exercises and movements to work throughout the body.

  • Difficulty: Easier
  • Length: 34 minutes

The class begins in standing then continues into four-point kneeling , onto our sides and onto our backs. The class is suitable for most levels but please remember to always work to a level that you feel safe and comfortable to do. 

This class includes:

  • Standing arm opening 
  • Controlled march
  • Standing ab curl
  • Leg fold and stretch 
  • Static lunge 
  • Roll downs 
  • Four-point kneeling cat stretch 
  • Leg pull in prone 
  • Child pose stretch
  • Leg fold and stretch 
  • Side lying clam 
  • Single leg press
  • One leg stretch with abdo prep 
  • Criss-cross 
  • Dead bug  
  • Bridging 
  • Glute and hamstring stretches
  • Sitting spine twist

The class starts with a warm up in standing. We begin with an arm opening stretch to mobilise the upper body, then combine some arm and leg movements with a controlled march and standing ab curl. Continuing into standing we work our legs a little more with a leg fold and stretch and a static lunge. We then roll down and continue the class into four-point kneeling. Working in four-point kneeling we then mobilise our spines with a cat stretch and challenge our muscle control with a leg pull in prone movement. We then move onto our elbows and work our core and glute muscles with a leg fold and stretch. 

Moving onto our sides we work on strengthening our glute muscles with a clam and single leg press. Then onto our backs on the mat we engage our abdominal muscles with a one leg stretch and abdo prep and criss-cross movements. Continuing onto our backs we challenge our core further with a bridge and dead bug exercises. We then cool down with glute and hamstring stretches and in sitting with a spine twist. 


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  • Luci

    Can you tell me more about your Pilates classes

    1. Vicky

      Hi Luci. What would you like to know? You can find our more about me and th website on the ‘about’ page: https://pilateslive.co.uk/about-us/ but let me know if you have any other questions

  • Rowena

    A great way to wake my glutes and abs up after their Christmas break! Thanks very much Vicky, and I hope you and your boys had a lovely Christmas.

    1. Vicky

      Thank you Rowena. Yes. It was lovey thank you. Hope you also had a lovely festive period. 🙂

  • Derek

    Thank you for another great class. Your classes make such a difference to my flexibility.

  • Gayle

    Thanks so much! This was my first class and I loved it

  • Margie

    My first ever class of Pilates. I am 73 and was able to almost keep up with your exercises but will keep going with them. Thank you.

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