Inner thigh Pilates class

Inner thigh Pilates class

Short class to strengthen and engage your inner thigh muscles

This class uses a Pilates soft ball – but you can also use a small pillow, block or towel.

The class includes:

  • Isometric adductor squeezes
  • Bridging
  • Side lying – inner thigh pulses

This class is a mat based class working on your back and on your side. We begin by isometrically engaging your adductor muscles, the inner thigh muscles, using the Pilates soft ball (or towel / block etc) between your knees. We then challenge our core with a Bridge movement, but maintain our inner thigh activation using a soft ball between our knees. We then move onto our sides to do some inner thigh pulses.

  • Helen

    Great inner thigh class. Just the right length to add onto the body conditioning class I’ve just done. Good to use the Pilates ball too. Thank you.

  • Molly

    An excellent class; quite a surprise to see how effective it is to use a block between the knees. Thanks!

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