Glutes and core

Glutes and core

Glutes and core hour long Pilates class

This class really focuses on our glute muscles. Testing them in standing, on our fronts and sides.

This class also includes exercises which challenges our core with mat exercises including hip twists and bridging as well as some great spine stretches.

  • racy.tracy@live.co.uk

    excellent class

  • jill gregson

    I am so much enjoying these classes during lockdown when I can’t get to my usual class. I particularly like the different focuses for each session. Thank you for making them freely available.

  • Martina

    What a great class! The best online Pilates I’ve found since the start of lockdown 4 months ago. Thank you. I can’t wait to try more !

    1. Vicky

      Thank you Martina. I am glad you enjoyed the class!

  • Dee

    Once again really enjoyed the class, much more than local pre lockdown face to face classes in my area. Thank you Vicky, you’re a great teacher!

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