Getting started with Pilates

Getting started with Pilates

An introduction to Pilates classes. Simple to follow class with detailed instructions and explanations

  • Difficulty: Easier
  • Length: 17 minutes

This is a short class designed to introduce some of the concepts of Pilates, explain how to engage your core muscles and discuss breathing with the exercises. We then practice some common Pilates exercises we use to help strengthen our core and abdominal muscles and mobilise through the spine. This would be a great introductory class if Pilates is new to you and is suitable for most levels. Please always work to a level that you feel safe and comfortable to do.

This class includes:

  • Bridging
  • One leg stretch
  • Oblique prep
  • Rotation stretch
  • Four-point kneeling cat stretch
  • Swimming
  • Thread the needle
  • Child pose stretch
  • Sitting chest opening and upper body reaches

Pilates focuses on our centre core muscles which act as a centre point to help with control and efficiency of movement. Your ‘centre’ refers to your deepest tummy muscles – your transversus abdominus and your pelvic floor muscles. These deep tummy muscles act like a natural corset that provides support to our spine and helps with our posture. Engaging these centering muscles can help you to maintain a ‘neutral’ spine position and reduce any strain or discomfort on your lower back. We aim to gently activite these deep tummy muscles and pelvic floor muscles throughout the class. Pilates also encourages good breathing patterns and the technique used is called lateral breathing.

We begin by talking through finding our neutral spine,  how to engage out deep abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles and breathing. We then continue on our backs onto the mat and begin to challenge our core with a bridge and one leg stretch exercises. We then challenge our abdominals with some oblique preps and then mobilise gently with a rotation stretch.

Moving into four point kneeing we stretch the spine further with a cat stretch and thread the needle movements before again challenging our core control with a swimming movement. We then finish the class in sitting with some gently upper body stretches.

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  • Astra

    This was really useful, thank you.

  • Karin

    Definitely a gentle introduction to Pilates! My city doesn’t have the best Pilates accessibility, so excited to try out your online classes 😍

    1. Vicky

      Hi Karin. Thanks for your comment. Glad you enjoyed it!

  • JOHN

    Its my first time doing this and I really enjoyed that. Will do this beginner one a few times and then look to move it on a gear. Thanks a lot for making and sharing these. JB

  • Bliss

    Easing my way into morning stretches/workouts. This was the perfect first day 🙏🏽

  • Susan

    I did Pilates during COVID but not since and am very stiff. I can’t wait to really get into doing more of your classes. Thank you for taking the time to post these and ake them accessible.

  • Steve

    The first pilates I’ve ever done and surprised not only how easy it was to follow but how warmed up I felt afterwards. Thanks for posting.

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