Pilates for reflection

Gentle Pilates class to help you relax

Relax and reflect with this calming Pilates class

This short class is designed to help you relax and open out through our chest and spine.

We go back to basics in this class, focusing on our breathing and expanding our ribcage.

We can often feel a lot of tension and tightness through our upper body and necks so we start by stretching these out on the mat.

We continue to mobilise our spines and engage our core with bridging and opposite arm and leg movements. Throughout the class we continue to anchor back to our breathing and relax through our upper body.

This is an easy Pilates class that can be used individually to relax and de-stress or as a way to warm down after a more intense Pilates workout or other activity. I hope you like it.

  • Rose

    Thanks Vicky,
    I enjoyed the class.

  • Denise Dunn

    Thank you very much Vicky. I stopped doing Pilates over the last weeks because of the isolated feeling at these difficult times.However I have just opened your e-mail again and it has reminded me of the benefits of pilates.I will make the effort to start again.

  • Claire

    Thanks so much! Haven’t been to Pilates for ages as my class stopped even before lockdown. Thanks for the range of class types and lengths – I started with the gentlest this time.

    1. Vicky

      Hi Claire. Glad you are enjoying the Pilates classes!

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