Full length core and pelvic floor

Full length core and pelvic floor

This is a full length mat based class working on strengthening your pelvic floor and deep abdominal core muscles.

For many of the exercises in the class I demonstrate various options for the level of difficulty so always work to a level that suits you and you feel comfortable with.

We begin by warming up in standing, setting our neutral spine and posture. In standing we work on some balance and control by adding in some coordination with leg and arm movements. Moving down onto the mat on our backs we begin by challenging our core control further with a one leg stretch exercise. We also work on some lumbo-pelvic stability and hip control with exercises including a hip twist and scissors movements.

Moving around into four-point kneeling we stretch through our mid back with a ‘threading the needle’ exercise. Then in this position work on our core stability further with a Pilates swimming exercise. Then onto our sides we fire up and strengthen our glute muscles with clam and side kick exercises.

We then cool down by stretching out our legs and rolling our spines back up into standing to finish the class.


This is class 4 of a 4 part series building on improving our side kick technique (although the class can still be enjoyed by itself)

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  • Jill

    Really enjoyed the class. Thanks for keeping me sane through lockdown! You have been a godsend! I have long standing ankle problem. It wasn’t until I started doing your classes that I realised how one side of my body was much weaker and less flexible than the other after years of compensating I guess?

  • Sue

    Vicky, Im loving all of your classes. You have developed a fantastic resource with PilatesLive. Thank you!!!

  • Vanessa Gray

    Thank you so much for putting these classes online. I’ve been really missing my pilates class this year and working from home means I move a lot less. Feels wonderful and you present so well. Thank you Vanessa

  • Karen McConnell

    These classes are excellent – really helping to keep me and my husband fit during lockdown. And thank you so much for not charging; that is such a help for those of us on reduced, furlough wages.

    1. Vicky

      Of course. I am glad you’re enjoying the classes!

  • Catherine

    Thank you. A really great class and I appreciate all the encouragement

  • Peter Finch

    Thank you Vicky. Just finished class 4 of 4 and enjoyed it thoroughly.

    I’m an active 78-year old and normally would be going to the gym and or swimming twice a week. However, with lockdown none of that is possible and my joints were starting to stiffen. I found website and started your sessions at the beginning of January and am delighted with the results.

    1. Vicky

      Thank you Peter. I am glad you enjoyed the classes.

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