Full body tone and stretch

Full body tone and stretch

Variable all over workout suitable for most levels

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Length: 49 minutes

This is a full body Pilates workout with easier and harder options throughout. This class includes:

  • Standing warm up with balance series and chest openings
  • Standing pendulum legs
  • Downward dog with calf stretches
  • Cat stretch
  • One leg kick
  • Breaststroke prep
  • Cobra stretch
  • Child pose
  • Side kick
  • Inner thigh pulses
  • Hip twist
  • Scissors
  • Hundreds
  • Spine rotation stretch
  • Glute and hamstring muscle stretches
  • Sitting bow and arrow stretch

The class begins with a standing warm up starting with some chest openings and balance series exercises. Then working our legs with a pendulum exercise and lunges.

Rolling down into a downward dog position adding some additional calf stretches in this position. Coming down onto our fronts we then add some upper body strengthening with a breastroke prep exercise before stretching the spine into extension with a cobra stretch.

Moving around onto our sides we work on some glute strengthening with a side kick movements. In this position we also wake up our inner thighs with some leg pulses. Continuing the class on our backs we then challenge our core and hip control with hip twist and scissor exercises. Adding some adbdominal muscle strengthening too with a hundreds exercise. We then begin to warm down with some lower back and leg stretches on the mat.

Finishing the class with some upper body stretches in sitting.

  • Rowena

    Really enjoyed the class and pleased I could manage a full length one by using the differing levels. Thanks very much.

  • Maria

    Excellent workout!!!

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