Standing and mat work Pilates class

Full body standing and mat work Pilates class

Full body Pilates class incorporating side kick – our focus for this month

This class is a mat based class starting in standing and moving down onto our mats and working on our backs and sides. There are lots of different options given for the exercises in the class so always work to a level that suits you and most importantly enjoy the class!

In standing we warm up with some upper body rotation movement and chest openings as well as challenging our balance. We also engage our posterior muscle sling in standing with some hip extension movement as well. Mobilising our spines with some roll down movements before continuing the class down on our backs.

On our backs we start by working on our lumbo-pelvic control and lower abdominal muscle strength with our scissors movement. Moving onto some more hip control movement with a one leg circle exercise. We continue to work on engaging our core and lengthening the body on our backs with movements such as an opposite arm and leg stretch.

Moving around onto our sides we work on our glute strength and core stability with our move of the month a side kick movement. Cooling down with some leg and upper body stretches.


This is class 1 of a 4 part series building on improving our side kick technique (although the class can still be enjoyed by itself)

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  • jillg

    Thank you again for another great class. I was back with my usual teacher at a local gym since September, but as it’s closed again, I’m back with you – hooray.

  • Marilyn

    A great variety of exercises and movement in this class, and a really good length too. I enjoyed this class ver much, thank you.

    1. Vicky

      You’re welcome Marilyn. I am glad you enjoyed the class.

  • Carol

    Really enjoyed this class. Good length and good all round workout. . Thankyou.

  • Rose

    Hi Vicky,

    Thank you fun and challenging class.

    Stay safe


  • June

    Great class Full body work out thank you

  • christine

    always enjoy doing the workout with you. seems to go that much faster when doing with someone. thanks. hope that baby is doing well. cheers Christine

    1. Vicky

      Thank you Christine. Yes baby George is doing very well thanks (although he could sleep a little more . zzzzzzz 🙂 )

  • Janet Bailey

    Just done your 50 minute work out standing and on mat. Brilliant. It’s nice to be back with you during this second lockdown.

  • Mel

    I’ve done this glass a few times now and only just noticed that when we’re down on our sides, we don’t do all the same exercises on the second side! 😀

    1. Vicky

      You’re right! Looks like slight lapse in concentration 🙂

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