Full body Pilates workout

Full body Pilates workout

Enjoy this full body Pilates workout.

Vicky takes you us through a range of exercises to strengthen your deep abdominal muscles. Any questions, please write them in the comment section below.

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  • Jo

    Hi Vicky
    Thanks so much for your great Pilates classes/videos. I have just completed the full body workout and feel so much better. After not having done any Pilates for 9 months! I do have a question though about maintaining neutral spine position when having both legs lifted off the floor (e.g in table top position). My previous teachers have always stressed how important it is to have an imprinted spine when taking both legs off the floor and only have a neutral spine when taking 1 leg off the ground. Which is correct? Thanks

    1. Vicky

      Hi Jo, thanks for your comments glad you enjoyed the class. To answer your question, neither are wrong! Neutral spine is the optimum position for our pelvis and lumbar spine to be in. However, it is difficult to maintain a neutral spine when we challenge our muscles more with our legs lifted in table top. Therefore imprinting is often used and described whereby you flatten your spine (slight posterior tilt) and use your abdominal muscles to draw the spine towards the floor. This is to help ensure you are using and engaging your muscles instead of allowing your pelvis to tilt forward and your back to arch if you are unable to maintain a neutral spine position. That is why I will often prompt to say make sure you engage your core before raising the legs into tabletop and to continually be aware that you are not losing your ‘neutral’ position throughout all the exercises. I hope that’s helpful! Vicky

  • Catherine

    Thank you for sharing your class, I have struggled since lockdown to keep practice going, will try your other classes as I like your clear and safe instruction.

  • Molly

    An ideal workout for a wet Sunday afternoon! Many thanks.

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