Full body pilates class with stretches

Full body Pilates workout with stretches

Full body Pilates class in standing and on the mat

This is a full length mat based class which is a good overall body workout, combining both stretching and strengthening exercises for spine.

We start by warming up our legs in standing with some heel raises and lunges. We also stretch and warm up through our spines with a side plank movement and upper body stretches. We then mobilise our spines with some roll downs before coming down onto the mat to continue the class.

Once down on the mat we begin on our backs by challenging our core control and coordination with a double leg stretch movement. We also work on our obliques today with a criss-cross movement and our lower abdominals with a scissors exercise.

Moving around onto our sides to practice our move of the month which is a side kick movement, which challenges our core control and glute muscle strength. Finishing the class in sitting with some gentle leg and upper body stretches on the mat.


This is class 3 of a 4 part series building on improving our side kick technique (although the class can still be enjoyed by itself)

  • Carol H

    Really enjoyable session. I definitely feel as though I’ve had a good workout. Thank you.

  • Valerie

    Hi Vicki
    I hope you and your family are well.
    I have been doing pilates for some years and I am enjoying your classes. I have recently been diagnosed with Arthritis in my hip. What exercises would you recommend?
    Thank you

    1. Vicky

      Hi Valerie. Thanks for your comment and apologies for delay in getting back to you. I am pleased you are enjoying the classes. As for any arthritis it is important to maintain movement and strengthen muscles around the area to support the joint. Therefore you may find exercises such as Bridging, clam, leg lift sideways (either in standing or on your side), hip twist and squatting movements helpful for your hip as they all involve movement of the hip and or strengthening your glute muscles to support the hip. Always work to a level that you feel comfortable with and that suits you. However, I obviously cannot give specific advice so if you are concerned about anything, please seek help from your healthcare professional. I hope that helps! Best wishes, Vicky

  • Jwfa72@gmail.com

    Thank you another excellent class

  • Julie

    Vicky I was never one for pilates but rather preferred high impact exercise until I discovered your classes. I love all the difficult classes and its great if you only have a short time to spend on a class. Thanks!

  • karen

    brilliant class Vicky. Really enjoyed it Thank you

  • Fran Bond

    Excellent workout today. It makes such a difference to my mobility. Age is catching up & the tendency is to take it easy.😆
    I love your classes as the style of Pilates is similar to classes I have done for years & have stopped due to lockdown. Thank you so much I will continue to follow you.👍

  • Rose

    Hi Vicky,

    Thanks for a great workout.

    Stay safe


  • Tania

    Such a wonderful class. You are an incredible teacher. I am joining all the way from Pakistan. Thank you.

  • Dee Yardley

    Thank you Vicky just done the full length week three tough session, perfect, just loved it
    Thank you
    Stay safe Dee

  • Jane

    Really great after a day sitting on a chair for too many hours.

  • Amanda

    Great class. I really like your tougher classes. Thanks

  • Molly

    A good workout – 52 minutes melted away. The lunges at the start were a useful challenge.

  • Judah

    Wow that was tough! What a great workout. Couldn’t do all the side leg exercises fully – one of the reasons I love pilates as there’s always more to improve. I have the day off today as it’s my birthday and this workout and your workouts in general have been such a treat!

    1. Vicky

      Thanks for the message Judah – so pleased you enjoyed the class!

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