Full body Pilates class with stretches

Full body Pilates class with stretches

Enjoyable all over Pilates workout

This Pilates class begins with a warm up of our arms and legs in standing before rolling down into a press up position on the mat.

We then continue in four-point kneeling with some stretches and core control.

The class continues with some exercises to challenge our glute muscles on our sides with a clam exercise. We then continue on our backs with a bridge exercise before advancing on to our move of the month – the one leg stretch.

We round off this class with some relaxing stretches incorporating leg stretches and some upper body stretches in sitting. 

As with most of our classes, we offer a range of levels throughout. Please work to the level that suits you. 🙂

PLEASE NOTE – this class is part of a related series, specifically looking to work on improving the body’s lumbo-pelvic control through the one leg stretch exercise.

This is class two of four of the series. Other classes in the series include:

The class can be enjoyed by itself or as part of the series. This is class one of the series.

Disclaimer: By partaking in any classes offered by Pilates Live you agree that you do so at your own risk. Please see our full terms and conditions

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  • Cathy Wilson

    Lovely class, thank you. I used to practise Pilates regularly but have done none (aarghhh!) for about 5 years. This is my first (very creaky) experiment back into it after lots of back and hip problems and I very much like your style. It’s also great for me that you teach the APPI system which is what I learned before. I’ll definitely aim to use your online classes on a regular basis from now.

    1. Vicky

      Hi Cathy, thanks for your comment and I am very pleased you liked the class and plan to do some more Pilates! All the best. Vicky

  • Rose

    Thank for a good workout.

  • Anne

    I really enjoyed this class, as I have been getting quite stiff in the hips over lockdown. This was a good combination of workout and stretches. Thank you.

  • Lorri

    I’ve tried a few of your classes and am really enjoying them. You explain things so well. Thank you.

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