Full body with hip focus

Full body Pilates class with hip focus

All over workout with a specific focus on challenging hip control

This class begins with a warm up in standing, with a particular focus challenging our hips.

We then move down onto the mat to work on our pelvic and core control further. After which we then progress our move of the month the one leg stretch exercise as well today.

Then, moving around onto our fronts on the mat, we challenge both our hip and upper body control with hip extension and breast stroke prep movements.

Finishing in sitting with some neck and and upper body stretches.

PLEASE NOTE – this class is part of a related series, specifically looking to work on improving the body’s lumbo-pelvic control through the one leg stretch exercise.

The class can be enjoyed by itself or as part of the series. This is class three of four of the series. Also in this series:

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