full body Pilates fusion

Full body fusion Pilates class

Flow class designed to challenge the body throughout

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Length: 36 minutes

This is a mat-based Pilates flow class designed to challenge the body with a range of exercise sequences to work throughout the body. The class begins in standing then continues down onto our fronts, sides, sitting and onto our backs. The class does include some challenging exercises so please remember to always work to a level that you feel safe and comfortable to do. 

This call includes:

We begin the class in standing and we warm up our arms and legs with standing arm reaches and side bend with heel raises. We continue to work our legs and arms together with side lung and side-plie movements. We then roll down and move onto our fronts to continue the class. 

On our fronts we continue working our arms and legs with a swimming movement and challenge our core with some flutter kicks. We then stretch our spines with a cobra and child pose stretch. Moving onto our sides we work on our glute muscle strength and control with a one leg circle and side kick movements. 

Coming up into sitting we challenge our upper body strength with a leg pull in supine and triceps dips. We then mobilise our upper body with a round the world stretch. We then move down onto our backs and continue to combine our arm and leg movements with a double leg stretch, bridge with scissor legs and a criss-cross movement. 

We then cool down with a rotation stretch, glute and hamstring stretches. Finishing the class in sitting with upper-body reaches and mermaid stretches. 

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  • Alison

    Thanks Vicky – a good stretch and flow in this new class. The supine in prone to as a new one but a good challenge. My regular Pilates sessions over the last couple of years have definitely helped keep me supple with far fewer aches and pains, I’m even managing some gentle running now on the Couch to 5K/30 mins. Thank you as always !

    1. Vicky

      Thanks Alison – and good luck with the running

  • Marilyn Walton

    Hi Vicky, I really enjoyed this new flow class, which I found achievable but slightly challenging (in a good way 😀) with some of the prone movements and the supine leg pull. I was able to do your classes fairly consistently whilst I was away from home during January and I’m sure they contribute to my being able to get in the pool and swim 1 km yesterday after a break from that too. Thanks as always, pilates is a special part of my week. All the best.

    1. Vicky

      Hi Marilyn. Nice to hear from you. Glad you’e still enjoying the classes. Sounds like you’re being very active :). All best.

  • Sue

    Great new class. I found the ‘sitting around the world stretch’ very beneficial, especially after the leg pull in prone and tricep dip sequence. Thank you.
    Ps I think you have a couple of paragraphs in the class description which I recall doing fairly recently but aren’t related to this class.

    1. Vicky

      Hi Sue. Thanks so much for your comment and your note. You are absolutely right. Looks like some different content copied across from another page for some reason! I have fixed now 🙂

  • fulvia

    Thank you Vicky, I loved this new class with circles and variations! Will def do it again soon!

  • Melissa

    Lovely class, thanks Vicky!

    1. Vicky

      You’re welcome Melissa. Hope you’re well!

  • marged

    Thank you Vicky,I really enjoyed this class and have repeated it lots of times.I like the way it uses all parts of my body and find the pace of it suits me.
    It sets me up for the day and has definitely strengthened me in all ways.

  • Sharon

    Thanks Vicky for a brilliant class. Was feeling quite stiff and achy after too much sitting in recent days. This class was the perfect antidote. Will definitely come back to it. Thank you as always.

  • samantha

    Another great class. Loved all the stretches and the flow of this class. I feel like my body has had a good workout. Thank you Vicky.

  • Abbie

    Thank you! Really enjoyed this class along with all your others. I do them weekly to help stop me getting injured with my running and to stretch properly after the gym. Really appreciate your website 🙂

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