Foam roller pilates class

Foam roller Pilates class

This is a mat based class using the foam roller to modify Pilates movements and exercises.

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Length: 23 minutes

The foam roller challenges our core stability further by exercising on an unstable surface. Therefore this is an intermediate level class, although where possible I have shown various options to the exercises. This class includes:

  • Mermaid stretches using the foam roller
  • Four point kneeling arm reaches with hands on the foam roller
  • Press ups with hands on the foam roller
  • Upper body extension over the foam roller
  • Lying on the foam roller: bridging, hip twist, one leg circles
  • Sitting arm raises and rotations stretches

This class starts in sitting warming up our upper body using the foam roller. We then use the foam roller for an extra stretch into a mermaid position.

In four-point kneeling we use the foam roller under our hands to challenge our upper body stability with exercises including arm reaches and press ups.

We then use the foam roller to give our upper back an extra stretch into extension over the roller. Moving onto our backs lying on the foam roller we challenge our core a little more with exercises including bridging and hip twists movements.

We then come off the foam roller on our backs to stretch our through our legs and spine on the mat. We finishes the class in sitting with some arm raises and rotation movements.

  • Catherine

    Thank you another great class. Enjoy using different equipment. Would love to see you use a Pilates ring sometime as I bought one just before covid and not really had a chance to try it.

    1. Vicky

      Thanks Catherine, great to hear you enjoyed the class. I do plan to do a Pilates ring class soon! best wishes, Vicky

  • Amanda

    Thanks Vicky for another great class, good to be able to use my roller again!

  • Anna

    Thank you Vicky. I have just done your foam roller class and really enjoyed using some different equipment. Would love it if you could do a few more lessons on the roller.

    1. Vicky

      Thanks Anna. We have a few more equipment classes in the pipeline 🙂 – should be some coming after our summer calendar.

  • Sue

    A bit late to this class, waiting for my foam roller to be delivered ! Not used this equipment before but really enjoyed the different challenge. Thank you!

    1. Vicky

      Thanks Sue, glad you enjoyed the class. Looking to plan some more foam roller classes soon!

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