Flexibility and mobility

Flexibility and mobility

Mobilise your body from head to toe with this new class

This class focuses on mobility to help improve your range of movement and flexibility. This class includes:

  • Standing side plie
  • Lunge with arm raises
  • Downward dog with calf stretches
  • Thread the needle
  • Cobra stretch
  • One leg kick
  • Arm opening stretch
  • Side kick
  • Bridging
  • Dynamic hamstring stretch
  • Neck stretches

The class starts in standing to warm up through our upper body and legs. Rolling down onto the mat to stretch out our calf muscles in a downward dog position. Moving into high kneeing with open up through our hips to stretch out through your hip flexor muscles. Continuing the class in four-point kneeling mobilising the spine with threading the needle and cat stretch movements.

Down onto our fronts we extend our spines with a cobra stretch and work our legs with a one leg kick exercise. On our sides we work our glute muscles with a side kick movement and open out through our upper spine and chest with an arm opening exercise. Onto our backs on the mat we mobilise the spine and engage our core with a bridge.

We then dynamically stretch out our hamstrings. Finishing the class in sitting stretching out through out neck and upper body.

  • jillg

    Thank you Vicky – feel a foot taller now. Excellent for undoing too many hours sitting working on a computer.

  • V

    So kind, wonderful

  • Aud

    Thank you Vicky. Always feel better after a workout. Joints less stiff!

    1. Vicky

      You are most welcome 🙂

  • Keeley thompson

    O feel so.much more relaxed thank you so much, I’ll definately be keeping up with these as a new starter to exercise.

  • Charlotte

    Thank you so much for your workouts, I feel like a different person afterwards. I have lost all the tension in my back and shoulders.

    1. Vicky

      Hi Charlotte. Thanks so much for your comment! So glad you’re feeling the benefits.

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